We all suffer from back pain from time to time, whether it’s minor from lifting something too heavy, bending down too low, sitting at the office “ALL” day, ETC. Some people suffer from chronic back pain and have to be treated medically.

There are different and proven ways to help relieve back pain and make life a little easier. One of those ways is to use a seat cushion for sitting. Neka Health Gel Enhanced Memory Foam Seat Cushionpexels-photo-275812.jpeg not only helps relieve back pain, promotes better posture, helps with spine alignment, helps reduce and prevent pressure ulcer, but it also provides a world of comfort and ease for your tush and entire body.

The Gel Bladder of this product provides optimized pressure reduction, comfort and adds a cooling effect, while the memory foam provides added comfort and conforms to the contours of your body for better support.

So go ahead and try this seat cushion ! Take a little stress off your day to day routine, why not do that by sitting comfortably !


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