As a home health nurse, it is very unfortunate the amount of people I see that are bedridden. Most of the time this is due to chronic condition(s), that is of course most often controlled/treated medically. Nutrition plays a very important role in over health and pressure ulcer prevention.  I am always educating my patients on the importance of consuming adequate protein and getting sufficient hydration. Another important key to pressure ulcer prevention is repositioning and turning in bed at least every 2 hours to not only help prevent new pressure ulcers from forming, but to also prevent further breakdown of skin, to which some already have.

Some patients are not able to move themselves, and therefore need help with this from a caregiver. It is so important to drive home this teaching of turning in bed, because it can prevent more serious health conditions, such as infections and even more severe, SEPSIS.

Some accessories can be used in the bed, wheelchair, regular chair to help prevent pressure ulcers. There are things like foam wedges to help sustain a side turn in bed, donut pillows for pressure relief on the back of the head, simple pillows under the ankles to help float the heels, therefore relieving pressure. Another accessory is a seat cushion to use when up in a sitting position. There are many different kinds of seat cushions out there, but I personally recommend one with a gel bladder and memory foam padding, which provides better support and does not flatten when sitting. You can find the seat cushion I recommend here

I hope this information was helpful. Thank you for your time !

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