Exercise in general is a good way to stay healthy, lose weight and maintain fitness. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial, though some people have told me it may be harmful to both baby and mom.

I’ve done a little research and have found out that if the pregnant lady have been exercising on a regular basis before pregnancy, it is relatively safe to continue during pregnancy, but to listen to her body, and exercise as tolerated. In other words if she was doing 30 push ups in one sitting before with no problems, and now is a little short of breath trying to do the same, then it’s a good idea to cut back at say 20 or whatever is comfortable for her. On the other hand if the pregnant lady has not been exercising regularly or has not been active at all, now is not the time to start running a marathon, she should consult her doctor first before starting an exercise regimen. Exercise during pregnancy helps reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, swelling, decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, improve mood and energy.

It is best for the pregnant lady to perform low impact exercises, as these are safe and helps prevent injuries. Some of these are: walking, swimming, squatting, yoga, pilates, dancing, indoor stationary cycling.

So overall it is safe to continue exercising during pregnancy, talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routines/programs/regimens, do low impact exercise, and most importantly, listen to your body when exercising !

Hope this was helpful, thank you for reading.

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