Let’s face it, most of us sit for long periods throughout the day, well.. despite when we get in those 30 minutes of daily exercise of course, but whether it’s working at the office, driving or being a passenger, watching tv, or performing certain tasks (that requires sitting) Indeed ! We are sitting most of the time !


Why not treat our precious ‘posteriors’ with something deservingly comfortable… Besides, we give comfort to practically every other part of our body, and comfort is not the only benefit of having an orthopaedic seat cushion. Nekahealth offers a COCCYX MEMORY FOAM GEL ORTHOPAEDIC SEAT CUSHION that helps with these conditions:

• It can help prevent back pain, provides relief from sciatic neuritis, offers lumbar support – The soft memory foam helps reduce pressure on the tailbone and therefore the back. It forces the body to sit upright which helps with spine alignment, also promoting better posture.
• Improves blood circulation – With its ergonomic design It provides better weight distribution, which allows for better blood flow and overall comfort.
• Reduces the effect of vibration when driving in the car / vehicle – acts as a shock absorber while driving over bumpy roads or uneven pavement.
• Durable and Portable – made with premium memory foam and a cooling gel overlay, which provides resiliency ( the memory foam won’t flatten ) it is made to last a long time and is light enough to travel.
So go ahead and give your tush some LOVE !

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