Back pain can no doubt become a serious problem, but some common causes are:

-Bad body mechanics while moving, lifting, bending and pulling.

-Over stretching.

-Muscle spasms.

-Certain sleeping habits.

-Not wearing comfortable shoes.

-Sitting for long hours at a time.

Though most people will see a General Practitioner or a Primary Care Physician for help, the vast majority of back pain cases can be treated fairly easily and at home:

Heat in the form of a heating pad, warm water soaks, exercise, mild daily stretching, adequate rest, practicing good posture, bending at the knees and using those thigh muscles for lifting, wearing comfortable shoes, using a seat cushion for back and Lumbar support.

Neka Health, a health and wellness centered brand offers a Coccyx Memory Foam Orthopaedic seat cushion with a gel overlay that provides optimal comfort, prevention and relief from a wide array of issues associated with back pain. It can be found and bought from at


Live strong, live healthy, protect your back !

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